I composed two children songs. The main character of the songs is a lamb called Tum Tum Kuzu. After completing the music production, we needed to create a visual world and show what Tum Tum Kuzu and his meadows look like. 
All the characters (lamb, sun, clouds, hills, trees, rabbit) were handmade by Elif Ozsut with felt, yarn and cotton. They were photographed one by one, transferred to the computer and then animated. This is my first animation project. I used Adobe softwares, such as Photoshop, Character Animator, Animate and Premiere to execute the video animation.  
The serie will continue with new songs and videoclips. 
Music and Lyrics: Emre Çakar
Strategy and Project Consultancy: Ali Yalcin Kaya 
Vocals: Nur Dilara Gül 
Animation and Video Edit: Emre Çakar 
Director of Photography and Character Design: Elif Özsüt 

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